West Bend Education Associationest.1930

West Bend Education Association, WBEA, est. 1930

Benefits of WBEA Membership:

We provide you with information, assistance and representation on a number of important employment issues including if you:
• Have issues with your administrator’s educator effectiveness evaluations.
• Are disciplined or have workplace safety issues processed through the grievance procedure

• Have disputes involving violations of any employee handbook or district policies
• Have disputes with your employer’s health, dental, disability or workers compensation insurance carriers

• Are denied leave benefits required by state or federal family medical leave laws

• Have your teacher contract non-renewed or terminated
• Are discriminated against or harassed because of your race, gender, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, pregnancy, or union activities.

• Need advice with your employment contract

• Are denied a 30-minute duty free lunch

• Are seeking or denied unemployment compensation

• Need help in dealing with violent or medically fragile students or inaccurate accusations from parents.

• Need advice when negotiating transitions out of your current district to another district or retirement.
• Need advice about other districts before accepting employment offers.

We provide member training and assistance on completing a PDP, training to assist members as they go through educator effectiveness, website services connected to your PDP work (QEI), and many other trainings.  We negotiate salary increases with the district, represent employees when needed, provide transition advice using our state network to those seeking employment in other school districts, and provide assistance negotiating post-employment benefits such as life insurance and related arrangements.


ATTN WBEA Members: You must register and list your beneficiaries with NEA Complimentary life insurance protection to receive the benefit: 

NEA Complimentary life insurance protection 


Legal Services 

Discounted Legal Services on non-work-related personal matters

Free professional liability insurance for employment activities

Professional & Skill Development Resources

Homeowners and auto insurance, as well as IRA accounts and other financial products
Discounts on hotel rooms, restaurants, vacations, cell phone contracts and more.

Strength through collective action
By belonging to the WBEA you will be joining forces with other educators to:

• Advocate for a salary system that is fair, transparent, achievable, and keeps pace with inflation.
• Protect our retirement benefits

• Advocate for benefits and working conditions that attract and retain the best and brightest staff

• Organize our community around support for our public schools
• Restore full, free and fair collective bargaining

• Elect public officials that support public education

School administrators, nurses, police officers, fire fighters, lawyers, doctors, etc., all use legal assistance services and carry professional liability insurance. So does your employer.  

Protect your career, your profession, and your family.  

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