West Bend Education Associationest.1930

For assistance, please contact your WBEA building representative or Officer or your Region 7 office.  Please add contact information to your cell phone.‚Äč

High Schools

T a n y a  L o h r 414-467-8469  WBEA President

Kara Petzold 
S a l l y  H e u e r 262-707-5974 

L e a h  D u c k e r t 414-477-6743 Vice President
S h e l l y  K r u e g e r 262-689-0923 WBEA Professional Rights and Responsibilities
K r i s t i n B e c k e r  262-442-0004

Beth Kastner: School Board Policy: 262-334-4660

M i c h e l l e  K a e h n e 262-339-8817 WBEA Membership

J a s o n  P e n t e r m a n 262-573-6289 WBEA Professional Rights and Responsibilities


A n n e t t e  D e g r oot 262-352-9634 

H e i d i  B a u m a n n - S c h u p p e l 262-644-6757 

Elementary  Schools
J e n n i  O r t h (Decorah) 262-573-1091 

S t a c y  B e l t m a n n (Fair Park) 262-305-8248 

J i l l  O r t i z (Green Tree) (262) 335-1156 

Nicky Williams (McLane) 262-689-5643 Treasurer


S t e v e  C u p e ry - cuperys@weac.org 262.853.5142

13805 W. Burleigh Road
Brookfield, WI 53005


West Bend Education Association, WBEA, est 1930