West Bend Education Associationest.1930

West Bend Education Association, WBEA, est. 1930

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About Us: Your WBEA is the professional organization for teachers in the West Bend School District. We work with the administration and school board so that the issues we see in the classroom are handled in an appropriate manner. We have made many positive changes in our district, and frankly teachers would not be in a good position without the WBEA.  We are You.

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As an educator in the WBEA, you are a part of an organization with decades of history advocating for quality teaching and learning conditions.  The WBEA is a democratic, member-driven association that effectively represents educators in the district over compensation, and represents member’s legal and contractual rights.

UniServ Director – S t e v e  C u p e r y WEAC Region 7

The UniServ Director is the full-time staff who works for our district (and two others) and is the go-to resource for the Executive Board.  Steve has been working for labor for 30+ years, and he is priceless in terms of the support and help he can provide.

Building Representatives

Building reps are the lifeblood of our organization.  They are the first contact in buildings, and provide information to all our members.  They are generally member’s first resource to go to for assistance or answer to questions.